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Success stories


We love hearing about the amazing adventures and lives our alumni are living. If you'd like to share your story please email us at with some photos.



When the rescue got Muneca she was sweet & loving but also timid & fearful of many things. It was very difficult transitioning Muneca to her new home from her beloved foster moms home. She was too scared to leave the comfort & love of her foster mom to her new home so we devised a plan. With a slow integration we made every outing with her new moms a fun and yummy one. So with that task at hand her new family & amazing foster went to work. It took time, dedication, hard work, compassion & lots of trips to our local Papa Mak's Burgers for tasty burgers and fries before Muneca finally felt at home with her new family. Muneca now named Berlin is finally in her forever home with her moms Melissa and Kendra. We can't thank them & our foster enough for trusting in the process & their incredible patience & commitment.

From Berlin's moms...

We have renamed Muneca to Berlin (after our favorite character from Netflix show Money Heist) and she is responding to her new name perfectly now! We have her in agility and positive reinforcement 1 on 1 classes currently and she is doing great. We recently reconnected with her foster and her foster said she is a different dog! (Positively of course) Berlin is doing well in her training and agility classes and adores the outdoors and recently has opened up to being in the water with us. She is showing her personality more and more every day and is so talkative. We love it! She has a few other dogs as best friends now,  She is not fearful of other dogs  anymore has played with my nieces and nephews and is so gentle with little children and dogs big and smaller than her too! She has let our male friends touch her upon her first time meeting them and rarely growls or shows fear around men in public anymore. She’s opening up more and more every day and we couldn’t be more proud of her! She really is living her best life! She gets her own hotel bed as we have been staycationing up and down California with just the three of us. She’s been to SLO, Tahoe, LA, and up north around Sausalito. She loves ocean beach and we take her almost every Sunday to the “No Car Days” there and golden gate park ❤️We have found a forever family member and can’t wait for many years of memories ahead Thank you!! Can’t stop saying how grateful we are.


Our seizure dog, Hazel hit the jackpot when she was adopted by this family! They went to great lengths to get their home ready for this sweet and easy girl or their princess as they call her. They installed a doggie door, built a fence, added grass and bought her so many things - she will be spoiled rotten. Well maybe not rotten because this girl is the least spoiled dog I ever had the pleasure of meeting and fostering. She will get the love, care and attention she's so deserving of and didn't get in her previous home prior to us rescuing her. We at WHS all want to thank, Tami, Cary and Ava for giving this girl a chance when so many passed her by.

Mizu was re-homed several times, no fault of his own because he's a very easy & sweet Husky. His new family is thankful that the other homes fell through & are very happy with this guy! Mizu now Lambert gets lots of dog park time and enrichment activities. He & fur sib, Bodie are doing great together too. We love happy endings!

Gracie is living her Husky/Mal dream between the Bay Area & romping in the snow with her doggie buddies in Lake Tahoe


Duke: ADOPTED! To his foster family and fur sibling, Abby. Follow their pile ups, Sunday teas with matching PJ's and play time here,

Sweet Lil' Stella: ADOPTED!

Brisket: Adopted

Ava: Adopted and living with her best friend, Tyson.

Nelly: Adopted!

Koja is a happy camper with his foster fail family and fur sibling.

Siggi now Domino is loving his new family & fur sister, Dizzy! Domino's mom writes, "Domino (formally Siggi) is such a special boy, he fits right into our family, thank you for the amazing job you do and thanks for entrusting us with this very sweet boy. We are forever grateful"

We couldn't resist including this impossibly adorable photo of Tilly and her human siblings exhausted after a long day in Marin. Thanks for sending Tilly's mom!


Bear is going to be the center of our friend, Christian's universe which is exactly what Bear needs & desperately wants. Christian can't wait to start his new life with Bear & is even buying a car because of him so they can go places together to explore. We want to thank Christian for his generous donation plus time & help with our websiteThank you Christian! Follow Bears antics on ig @iambearthealusky

Ikkuma now Artimus is learning all kinds of new things with her dad. They are playing hand target games, how to be sexier than a squirrel & taking long walks & soon will be running. We wish you both the best in your new adventures together!

Basha Adopted! It was difficult for Basha's loving foster family to let him go after 3 weeks but they felt his new family would give him the love he deserves. We can't wait to hear what lies ahead Basha!

Our favorite girls, Storm & Rogue, now Viv & Vy got adopted to a caring and compassionate family who bought a home just so they could adopt 2 dogs. Check out Viv's dinner dance!


Scared Ziggy Stardust, now Sage: Husky-ADOPTED to a patient and dedicated home. He was literally shaking and had his tail tucked when we first got him. His foster mom could barely keep him from trying to escape because he was so feral in many ways. Now look at this guy playing & hanging on the couch with his brother. His adopters told us he is finally sleeping with them in the bedroom. You won the lottery with this family, Sage! Thank you to all our patient and loving adopters to dogs like these.


Tilly -foster fail alert! We will hate to lose this amazing foster family who've fostered several dogs for us until they found just the right one. Shh, we secretly love it but now we need to find another dedicated foster family to replace them, so who's up for the challenge?! We all love you Tilly dog. We are so happy for you! Go live your dreams sweet Tilda!

Mojito the adorable HUsky who's had a pretty rough life found his home with a family and lookalike dog named, Mila who he adores!

Goose the Huskeroo mix: ADOPTED

Nya -Shepski, from the confiscation hoarding case: Adopted!

Koda Shepski: Adopted!

Duchess now Kora: Adopted!


Redford the red & white Husky: Adopted! From living in the back yard & getting returned at least twice before to the shelter from which he came, to a steak, potato & asparagus, adopt me day dinner at chez home! Can we live there too?! #redfordsbestlife

Teddy the GSD mix: ADOPTED! Teddy had separation anxiety when they first got him and have been building up time slowly - successfully!

Lady the Beagle Pitty, now Maizie who screamed when we first touched her has come a long way and is now in a happy home with her dad who's building her trust

Oslo, HUsky/Samoyed mix: Adopted!

Moki, Mr Happy Go Lucky: Adopted!


Lucas now Luke the sweet Tervuren: ADOPTED! This family took the sexier than a squirrel 25 day challange & it worked!

Smokey Now Loki the Shepski from the hoarding case: ADOPTED!

Jaxton the Shepski our great escape artist who sent us on a madcap adventure - twice, ADOPTED!

Zoe the Shepski from the hoarding & confiscation case: ADOPTED!

Mary now Miso: Adopted! Follow her anticts on instagram @_miso_cute

Amelia: Chi/Italian Greyhound

Amelia found a best dog buddy and a nice big family. They told us that Amelia slept with her new sister, Angel in the same bed all night long upon coming home. Thanks Angel for making Amelia feel so welcome!

Camille: Pitty/Lab

Camille was the dog who'd been attacked by another dog at the shelter. She was lucky to come out alive. Now Camille is getting 2x the amount of love for the price of 1. Camille may be the luckiest dog ever because she has 2 families giving her the attention & affection she deserves. We were told that under no circumstances was Camille going to be allowed on the furniture. That went out the door after the first day! Camille spends her days squirreling and napping like a typical dog & learning the ropes on how to be a well loved family dog instead of a backyard breeding dog. You go girl!

Junior: The handsome Brindle, adopted! These two fostered and couldn't let him go.

Eliz AKA Ellie now Kiki the Shepski from the hoarding confiscation case, adopted! These 2 are just getting to know and enjoy one another. We look forward to further updates and photos. We also want to thank Kiki's dad for his generous donation to our organization!

Sweet Molly adopted! Enjoy all your adventures little girl with your foster fail family!

Niki the Husky mix: adopted!  Niki found an active home with a young family who hike, backpack and camp. Exactly what this clever minded girl needed.

Hayes the Husky adopted! Not only did Hayes new family celebrate Hayes "adopt me day" with a "cake" but they spent the weekend building a 6'x50' fence for him! It's clear that all of the sons Husky research paid off. They said it was love at first sight.

Sadie The GSD is living the dream

Renagade the GSD: Adopted

Mia the HUskeroo: Adopted!

Mila the Shepski: adopted! Mila was adopted by our amazing foster Peilin & family. We can't thank them enough for all theydo for us.

Bruno the St Bernard/mastiff:


Dexter the Shepski: Adopted!

Skye the Husky: Adopted!

This bonded pair are already well loved by their new family. How adorable is this spay and neuter photo!

Freya the GSD: Adopted!

Lucy the Shepski: Adopted!

Aja & Draco -Adopted!

Lucy is well loved member of our family. We are thankful for her and WHS. Our dog, Bear is thankful too We at WHS love happy endings like this.


We picked Benji up off a free Craigslist ad. Unfortunately bad things can happen to dogs listed for free, especially on Craigslist. Benji lived his entire life isolated from his family on a concrete slab, behind a fence. Now he's living inside a home with a dog pal & his dad who loves him very much. They go on hikes daily.


Clifford's original owner was homeless and keeps on going in & out of jail therefore Clifford was sent to the shelter. He is protective of his human, but not everyone understands that so he was returned to the shelter again. We rescued him the day before his euthanasia date. Now he is a happy, well adjusted guy going on all kinds of adventures with his new dad.


Pearl was rescued from Devore CA. Shelter last December, just one day before her euthanasia date. We managed to transport her to Spokane, WA. where a perfect adopter came to her rescue. they changed her name to Kayla. Look at her now. Dogs know when they are home.


The mother & daughter duo were found discarded on a high school campus outside of Bakersfield. They were inseparable. They both caught kennel cough in the shelter. Dogs who have medical conditions don't last long in shelters. We decided to pull them before their day was up. They are now healthy & their family couldn't be happier plus they were adopted together!



Poncho was scared when he first came home to his family. With love, training and perseverance they won him over. Now he's an integral part of the family & no longer afraid of the bathroom which he was deathly afraid of!

Cheese was found wandering for several days in Elk Grove. We have heard rumors he's very happy in his new home.


From behind bars to a king size bed. Cody was found abandoned at a school in Bakersfield. As so many Huskies are these days. We tracked him down at Kern County Animal Shelter and transported him to San Francisco. He is now happy with his new family and learning how to swim in their pool.


Not every dog does well at a shelter. Clifford was one of those dogs. We could see through his fear & pulled him.Tanner is a star & has his own instagram page,


We at WHS are so happy that Vincent got his second chance to live a happy life. His mom reports that Vincent is living his best life, greeting everyone on his walks with his usual charm & charisma. They couldn't be happier with their boy & are eternally grateful for Welcome Home Sancuary (WHS).


Goofball Jave was adopted. We miss his dopey face, but we know he loves his new family. He was very lucky to have an amazing foster mom, Annette & her awesome pack to help him decompress after being pulled out from death row. 




We found Nick on the streets. He'd been spray painted & injured. He was neglected with an infected eye and underweight. Since then he's found a loving home with his foster dad who loves him very much. He is now Max and he loves hanging out with his brother, Blue the Shepski


Fifi was an owner surrender due to a move. Fifi is everything these two little girls were hoping for. We love making families dreams come true.

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