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Body Language videos so that we can understand what dogs are saying because they aren't always saying what we think they are:


Videos from some of the best of science/evidence based online trainers...

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Jean Donaldson’s: How to train your dog like a Pro...

All Dogs go to Kevin...

Heading 1

Supercharging Your Dogs Recall - The Come to me game...

Debunking the Alpha myth

Debunking the alpha dog theory...

Dr. David Mech is a wolf ethologist whose original work on captive wolves described the alpha wolf theory which has now been debunked by David himself. These theories have been refuted by wolf biologists on the whole and the theory is no longer considered true. Cesar Millan helped to popularize these outdated and often cruel methods in the comfort of our living rooms. The method is easy to learn, a quick fix a band aid to the problem without getting to the root and at a cost to our relationship and the welfare of the dog. Being the alpha, being dominant, punishment, electric shock collars, prongs and choke collars, etc come at a price. Dogs often regress from those corrections and the behavioral issues evolve from these physical and emotional corrections. 


Although wolves and dogs share similar DNA, Wolves and dogs learn much differently. There is no conclusive evidence that dogs evolved from wolves. 

Shock collars -good or bad?

Dog Training Aversives: What Are They and Why Should You Avoid Them?

The effects of using aversive/punishment/positive punishment training methods in dogs—A review

Positive Reinforcement misconceptions...

What does science say about shock collars...

Resource guarding Protocol

Leading expert on Separation anxiety...


The List of Do’s for leaving your dog...

Do – Start with short absences and build up the dog gradually as long as he is not stressed.

Do – Exercise your dog regularly and provide lots of enrichment in the form or training, treat dispensing toys and fun things to chew on.

Do – use a reliable daycare, pet sitter or dog walker when you need to be away for any amount of time longer than your dog is comfortable.

Do – speak to your veterinarian and contact a professional trainer if your dog is experiencing signs of stress when left alone.

The List of Don’ts when leaving your dog...

Don’t – Scold or punish your dog for doing something you don’t approve of while you are out. He is not misbehaving, he is having a panic attack.

Don’t – Use equipment that might be painful or scary for your dog. Equipment such as shock or citronella collars will only mask symptoms of anxiety and can actually increase your dog’s fear.

Don’t – Leave your dog in a crate alone if he hasn’t been thoroughly conditioned to love his crate.

Don’t – leave your dog alone for any longer than he is comfortable. He will not just “get over it” Your dog is scared and needs help.

As a dog guardian, it is our job  to help our dogs be safe, happy and comfortable. Make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure that.

Separation anxiety means your dog is having a panic attack!

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