Meet HANDSOME Lalo!! a 50lb male Border Collie and husky mix born on 3/3/21 With the cutest little white sock paws and white curly dipstick tail, such a cute tail!! its like a little spring.
Poor Lalo was a backyard dog and doesn't know the world. However thanks to our foster he is learning fast about the world and loving and enjoying life outside just a yard.
He is incredibly sweet and affectionate and just wants to please and he grew up around young children and is just so gentle and sweet with them! He is great with cats as well! He leaves them alone and doesn't bother them.
Because of his background, he is shy around people but will warm up once he realize what is going on. 
He is quiet and chill and home and would be great dog if you are patient and slowly teach him the world. 

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