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When the rescue got Muneca she was sweet & loving but also timid & fearful of many things. It was very difficult transitioning Muneca to her new home from her beloved foster moms home. She was too scared to leave the comfort & love of her foster mom to her new home so we devised a plan. With a slow integration we made every outing with her new moms a fun and yummy one. So with that task at hand her new family & amazing foster went to work. It took time, dedication, hard work, compassion & lots of trips to our local Papa Mak's Burgers for tasty burgers and fries before Muneca finally felt at home with her new family. Muneca now named Berlin is finally in her forever home with her moms Melissa and Kendra. We can't thank them & our foster enough for trusting in the process & their incredible patience & commitment.

From Berlin's moms...
We have renamed Muneca to Berlin (after our favorite character from Netflix show Money Heist) and she is responding to her new name perfectly now! We have her in agility and positive reinforcement 1 on 1 classes currently and she is doing great. We recently reconnected with her foster and her foster said she is a different dog! (Positively of course) Berlin is doing well in her training and agility classes and adores the outdoors and recently has opened up to being in the water with us. She is showing her personality more and more every day and is so talkative. We love it! She has a few other dogs as best friends now, She is not fearful of other dogs anymore has played with my nieces and nephews and is so gentle with little children and dogs big and smaller than her too! She has let our male friends touch her upon her first time meeting them and rarely growls or shows fear around men in public anymore. She’s opening up more and more every day and we couldn’t be more proud of her! She really is living her best life! She gets her own hotel bed as we have been staycationing up and down California with just the three of us. She’s been to SLO, Tahoe, LA, and up north around Sausalito. She loves ocean beach and we take her almost every Sunday to the “No Car Days” there and golden gate park ❤️We have found a forever family member and can’t wait for many years of memories ahead Thank you!! Can’t stop saying how grateful we are.

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