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Hazel: Husky, 3 years old, 47 Lbs Adopted!


From Hazel's foster...

We LOVE Hazel! Hazel's so beautiful with sky blue eyes and the most gentle soul who's very affectionate and loving yet independent too. She's slightly reserved and shy at first but every day opens up more. It's fun to watch her personality unfold as she trusts us more and more. She solicits affection and when you stop she has the cutest way of communicating that she wants more by giving you a paw. She also puts her forehead against your chest while you give her a good scratch behind the ears and then falls into your lap. it happens every time. She has her funny little affectionate ways. Hazel is fully house trained, does not have separation anxiety and is pretty easy going/ mellow in the home as long as she's had a couple good walks. She's good on leash and the car. Hazel likes other dogs of different makes and models and sizes. She's good with all of them. Treats are Hazels currency for sure. She's very motivated by food and is learning new tricks when those things are around. Right now she knows to sit and wait for dinner until she hears and sees her release word and cue. She also knows hand target games like "touch" With enough walk time, a good long kong meal and some training throughout the day Hazel is happy to just lay around. So to sum it up, Hazel is an amazing dog, almost perfect!  She is great with other dogs and is very gentle in her interactions. She loves giving herself kisses in mirrors, is affectionate yet independent and has perfected the cutest of play bows! We just found out while in our care that Hazel has seizures. She is on medication that costs $9 from Safeway for 60 tablets and may be on it for the rest of her life. What she lacks in some aspects of health she makes up for in personality and behavior. You can't go wrong with Hazel. Will you give this wonderful mellow sweet girl a chance?

Gracie: Husky/Malamute: 1 years old, 60 Lbs. Adopted!


From Gracies foster family

Gracie is a stunning blue eyed Husky mix that turns heads everywhere we go. She's sweet and pretty easy for a northern breed dog. She's even tempered, affectionate, gets on well with my dog and my families little Schnauzer, she's potty trained and will stand by the door to let you know when she needs to go out. She's polite and never sits on furniture or my bed unless I invite her or mugs for food. She's very patient both with us and my dog and kids, she's a little shy of strangers but with more positive exposure I believe she'd come around. She's medium energy, perfect in the car, she'd make a great hiking and traveling companion. Gracie is an all around great dog and would make a family very happy. She'll be your loyal, forever best friend and will be grateful for all you do for her.

Mizu: Alaskan Husky, 2 yrs old, 54 lbs: ADOPTED


From Mizus foster mom...


Mizu is a 2 year old, 53 pound handsome, blue eyed Husky with lots of love, attitude and spunk to give to his forever home.  He is a fast learner with the right motivation and does well with other people and dogs. He's affectionate and enjoys being near you. He knows most basic commands and is eager to learn more with the right currency (hot dogs are #1 in his book). He is potty trained and after a few good walks would be considered medium energy in the home. He would make a great running and hiking companion plus he loves a game of fetch Mizu is athletic, outgoing and loves new adventures. He's great on the leash and in the car as well. He's great with other dogs, good in the dog park and always wants to say hi to every dog we see! He loves to chew on bully sticks and kongs in his free time or snooze on his bed for a power nap. He's a great dog in every way and I will miss him when he finds his forever home. I'm crying just thinking about it. Mizu has been bounced around a lot no fault of his own. He's a great dog in every way but has had some unfortunate events in his family history. We really want him to find his forever home because he's so deserving and easy.

Lil' Stella: 3 years, old 43 Lb Husky :ADOPTED!


Stella is a sweet, petite gorgeous, soft, sable colored Husky with a fairly easy going disposition. She's friendly and social with both people and children. She's also good with dogs big and small and once she feels comfortable, she enjoys wrestling with them, showing off her play bows and vocalizations like a good Husky does. She can fit into almost any social  situation whether it be yours or your friends backyard BBQ or hanging out at a cafe with you. Although mild mannered there's a bit of mischievous in her like any good Husky should have. She's affectionate, gives kisses but enjoys her independence too, She's good on leash and makes a great hiking and running companion and rides well in a car. With the right treats (human grade) she will do just about anything you ask but like the good Husky she is, will ignore for lesser currency. Indoors she's potty trained and has medium energy after a few good walks. Stella is pretty special with her fabulous coat, blue eyes, rare coloring and sweet temperament. She is very much a Husky in behavior so it would be good to read up on the breed before deciding to adopt.

Brisket the Malinusky: 1.5 years, 72 Lbs: ADOPTED!


From Brisket's foster mom...

Brisket AKA Kangaroo or Roo is a tall, lanky girl with the most striking blue eyes that stand out from her dark face. Brisket is a dog with the best of intentions towards everything and everyone. She's sweet as sugar, sensitive and wants to please. She's shy to both humans and dogs but warms up quickly and becomes affectionate and playful. We've seen her blossom each day, growing in confidence. Once warmed she solicits pets by putting a paw on me to ask for them or by placing her head in my lap or rolling onto her back for some belly scratches. She loves cuddles too. She is a fairly quiet dog so far but is starting to find her voice (which is very deep!). She sounds like a wookie from Star Wars. She's fully house trained, we’ve hardly had any accidents at home. She goes straight to her pee spot in the backyard to potty. She does well in the car! She needs a bit of help getting in but once inside the car, she’s relaxed. That will come with learning that she's actually a tall girl that can jump! It's all about finding her confidence with the aid of her adopter. She has the cutest antenna ears that move this way and that when she hears a noise outside and has a natural puppy like curiosity. When she hears something new, her ear perks up and she does a very cute head tilt, like in the pictures. She loves looking out the window and taking in the world. She will sometimes do a low deep woof if she hears something outside. After-all she is part Shepard. Her energy in the house is medium. She spends most of the time laying down next to me, but I do give her chews and puzzle toys and offer other mental enrichment activities throughout the day plus exercise her. We adore her and so does our senior dog which has taken us by surprise. She'd be a wonderful dog to an active person or family.

Basha: Husky - 6 years old, 50 Lbs: Adopted!


From Basha's foster family...

Basha is such a good boy. We are first time dog people and we find him to be pretty easy. We think he's settling in well. He's mellow to medium energy indoors and active outside. He likes his chewies and is very treat motivated so it's easy to train him. He requires about 3 walks a day and then some mental enrichment at home which seems to make him satisfied. He's sweet, gentle, loving yet independent too. He had a couple accidents but seems to be pretty much housetrained. He likes his car rides, is outgoing with our friends and walks well on leash. He'd probably be fine with another mature dog in the household. Basha is a great dog. Anyone would be lucky to have him.

Siggi The Shepski: 45 lbs 2 years old: Adopted!

From Siggi's foster mom...


Meet Siggi! Siggi's a super-sweet, slightly shy, medium-sized, playful Shepski! Sig has the most mesmerizing sky-blue eyes, a white and silver grey coat, and a fun, fluffy tail. He turns heads and garners attention and comments wherever we go about his unique beauty, interesting markings, happy smile, perfect size and adorable personality. He makes an impression! He's also a great compact, medium size with youthful energy and loves to play with toys in the house and fetch balls in the yard. He's athletic and makes the perfect running companion. He's always ready and excited to go on walks. He does pull a little on leash, but is also eager to please and is treat-motivated, so he will likely respond well to continued training. He's quite alert and active, so 2-3 good walks/day allows him to settle and be calm in the house. Inside the house, he is house/potty trained, quiet, and medium energy, somewhat independent and settles in for naps in his bed or by my feet while I work. Siggi is initially reserved around new people, so he will do best with slow introductions, particularly around men and gentle guidance. Once he is comfortable, he is very sweet, playful, happy, and loyal. And he gives the most uplifting kisses, licks and fluffly tail wags. He loves to play with his dog friends he knows large and small. You would be truly lucky to have Siggi as he is such a special, beautiful pup and a smart, sensitive, soulful companion.

Ikkuma: Female -Siberian Husky - 2 yrs- 55 Lbs ADOPTED!

From Ikkuma's foster family...
Ikkuma, from the Inuit word for fire is a gentle girl despite her name. She's also a playful, affectionate, beautiful red/mahgony Husky. Unfortunately she spent her first 2 years outside in a small kennel not getting much enrichment or exposure to things but now has the freedom to roam indoors and out, play with our two other dogs, get loving from the family and lay on a soft dog bed instead of a concrete cell floor & she's taking to it like a champ. We really love having Ikkuma around here. It's been a joy to watch Ikkuma blossom into the dog she was meant to be. Watching a dog learn, explore & grow never gets old. Ikkuma is learning that the car takes her to fun places & she's potty trained! She will have you laughing with her fun personality & antics. She's good with dogs, super on leash, good at cafes and takes to new situations well. She's very adaptable. Anyone would be lucky to have this beauty. The mark on her nose that she came with has almost dissapperared.

Rogue & Storm: bonded siblings - Huskies 35 and 45 Lbs. - 4 years: ADOPTED!

From Rogue and Storm's foster dad...

These 2 are love and cuddles, have easy going natures, great on walks, good with dogs and potty and house trained plus they don't have separation anxiety!. If I weren't going to be gone for 8 hours and traveling in the future, I would keep them. They've brought me so much joy and have been a surprise to how easy they've been. I'm a first time dog "dad" so I was expecting it to be more difficult, especially having 2! They have medium energy overall, are sweet and loving. Storm the black and white one is more outgoing and has fun vocalizations when he gets excited. For example, when it's time to go out or eat. Rogue the thinner one is quieter and more reserved but she's been opening up bit by bit each day. It's obvious they love one another. Both are great in the car, friendly to people and children and happy.

We will not be splitting up Storm and Rogue. They are true siblings from the same litter that have been together since they were born and don't like being apart. In their case having 2 dogs in easier than 1 and if they were split apart it would be traumatic for them and cause separation anxiety.


Bear The Husky/Malamute: 4 years old, 70 Lbs: ADOPTED!


Bear had a rough start in life. He started out with a family that wasn't prepared for him and spent the 1st year of his life in a pen indoors. After the family surrendered Bear he spent 18 months in a shelter in Bakersfield and once he was finally adopted again, the family found out they were pregnant. Luckily Bear is a good natured guy but he never spent his formative years getting the enrichment and training he needed being stuck in a pen and then in a scary confined kennel at a shelter. His last family provided him love and the happiness he never had but sadly has to let him go due to no fault of their own. We want Bear to have a family that can devote the time, love and forever home that he needs to grow old with. He'd love a home where he will have free will and open spaces. His current family says Bear is a happy 4 year old, 70 lb guy!  He's good natured, loves other dogs and people and wants to be everyone's best friend. He enjoys cuddling, is excited to see his people, great in the car and potty trained. Bear is medium energy and loves his adventure and outings too. he may need to be conditioned to go on longer hikes after his younger years in confinement. He enjoys having visitors and becomes Mr social. Local photographer, Kendra Luck, of who photographed many of these wonderful photos said Bear is a sweetheart and total goofball. Bear is waiting to be the center of someones world.


Duke: AST and Bull Terrier, 70 lbs, 4 years: ADOPTED!

Hi I'm Duke, don't let my adorable crossed eyes or battle scars scare you because I'm all mush, a lover not a fighter according to my foster mom. I'm 4 years young and 70 - hunkaluv pounds. Here's what I told my foster mom to tell you about me...

Don't be fooled by my big, scarred up, jug head, I may have had it pretty rough on the mean streets in my younger days but I'm a charmer and a lover, I love giving kisses and take treats with a soft mouth, I've heard this is a good thing so that's why I'm telling you. I love hoomans, dogs and children. I may love other things but I hold some things close to the vest -  sometimes you gotta, you know? I have some scars to show from my previous life, but I've grown into a solid gentleman. I get along perfectly with my foster dog sister, Abby. She's taught me cool stuff like how to navigate scary stairs. I'm a pro now, BTW. She also let's me snuggle with her on the couch and follow her around everywhere, she's like a security blankey. I really like having her around. I love going for walks with Abby and my foster mom and I'm told I have great leash manners. I don't pull and although I like other dogs, I won't pull you towards them. I love playing with my puzzles and foraging for kibble and treats in my snuffle mat. You can see from my videos on the website that I'm pretty close to rocket scientist status at this point with that puzzle toy. I am mild mannered and medium energy or so I'm told. I don't know, I'm just me - The Duke! I'm good in the car and I'm fully house trained, how do you like them apples.  I'm realizing if I listen I get yummy treats so I'm getting way better at doing what she asks of me. PLEASE keep up with the snacks if you adopt me. SNACKS ARE GOOD! I WUV them! I love sleeping in the bedroom with the family. My foster hoomans sleep on the big bed with Abby and I stay on my bed at the foot of the bed. See how well mannered I am?! I'm a very good sleeper, but I do snore a little. In the morning, I love to jump on the big bed and get snuggles and belly rubs. I'm good about going out to do my business outside, just thought I'd say that again cause I can. I can't wait to meet you, give you kisses, snuggles and show you what a good boy I am.

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