Ikkuma: Female -Siberian Husky - 2 yrs- 55 Lbs

From Ikkuma's foster family...
Ikkuma, from the Inuit word for fire is a gentle girl despite her name. She's also a playful, affectionate, beautiful red/mahgony Husky. Unfortunately she spent her first 2 years outside in a small kennel not getting much enrichment or exposure to things but now has the freedom to roam indoors and out, play with our two other dogs, get loving from the family and lay on a soft dog bed instead of a concrete cell floor & she's taking to it like a champ. We really love having Ikkuma around here. It's been a joy to watch Ikkuma blossom into the dog she was meant to be. Watching a dog learn, explore & grow never gets old. Ikkuma is learning that the car takes her to fun places & she's almost potty trained! She will have you laughing with her fun personality & antics. She's good with dogs, super on leash, good at cafes and takes to new situations well. She's very adaptable. Anyone would be lucky to have this beauty. The mark on her nose that she came with has almost dissapperared.

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Ziggy Stardust

Rogue & Storm: bonded siblings - Huskies 35 and 45 Lbs. - 4 years

From Rogue and Storm's foster dad...

These 2 are love and cuddles, have easy going natures, great on walks, good with dogs and potty and house trained. If I weren't going to be gone for 8 hours and traveling in the future, I would keep them. They've brought me so much joy and have been a surprise to how easy they've been. I'm a first time dog "dad" so I was expecting it to be more difficult, especially having 2! They have medium energy overall, are sweet and loving. Storm the black and white one is more outgoing and has fun vocalizations when he gets excited. For example, when it's time to go out or eat. Rogue the thinner one is quieter and more reserved but she's been opening up bit by bit each day. It's obvious they love one another. Both are great in the car, friendly to people and children and happy.

We will not be splitting up Storm and Rogue. They are true siblings from the same litter that have been together since they were born and don't like being apart. In their case having 2 dogs in easier than 1 and if they were split apart it would be traumatic for them and cause separation anxiety.

Duke: AST and Bull Terrier, 70 lbs, 4 years

Hi I'm Duke, don't let my adorable crossed eyes or battle scars scare you because I'm all mush, a lover not a fighter according to my foster mom. Anyway my scars may fade but I've already forgotten about them! I just keep getting reminded! I'm 4 years young and 70 - hunkaluv pounds. Here's what I told my foster mom to tell you about me...

Don't be fooled by my big, scarred up, jug head, I may have had it pretty rough on the mean streets recently but I'm a charmer and a lover, I love giving kisses and take treats with a soft mouth, I've heard this is a good thing so that's why I'm telling you. I love hoomans, dogs and children. I may love other things but I hold some things close to the vest -  sometimes you gotta, you know? I have some scars to show from my previous life, but I've grown into a solid gentleman. I get along perfectly with my foster dog sister, Abby. She's taught me cool stuff like how to navigate scary stairs. I'm a pro now, BTW. She also let's me snuggle with her on the couch and follow her around everywhere, she's like a security blankey. I really like having her around. I love going for walks with Abby and my foster mom and I'm told I have great leash manners. I don't pull and although I like other dogs, I won't pull you towards them. I love playing with my puzzles and foraging for kibble and treats in my snuffle mat. You can see from my videos on the website that I'm pretty close to rocket scientist status at this point with that puzzle toy. I am mild mannered and medium energy or so I'm told. I don't know, I'm just me - The Duke! I'm good in the car and I'm fully house trained, how do you like them apples.  I'm realizing if I listen I get yummy treats so I'm getting way better at doing what she asks of me. PLEASE keep up with the snacks if you adopt me. SNACKS ARE GOOD! I WUV them! I love sleeping in the bedroom with the family. My foster hoomans sleep on the big bed with Abby and I stay on my bed at the foot of the bed. See how well mannered I am?! I'm a very good sleeper, but I do snore a little. In the morning, I love to jump on the big bed and get snuggles and belly rubs. I'm good about going out to do my business outside, just thought I'd say that again cause I can. I can't wait to meet you, give you kisses, snuggles and show you what a good boy I am.

Bear The Husky/Malamute: 4 years old, 70 Lbs

Bear had a rough start in life. He started out with a family that wasn't prepared for him and spent the 1st year of his life in a pen indoors. After the family surrendered Bear he spent 18 months in a shelter in Bakersfield and once he was finally adopted again, the family found out they were pregnant. Luckily Bear is a good natured guy but he never spent his formative years getting the enrichment and training he needed being stuck in a pen and then in a scary confined kennel at a shelter. His last family provided him love and the happiness he never had but sadly has to let him go due to no fault of their own. We want Bear to have a family that can devote the time, love and forever home that he needs to grow old with. He'd love a home where he will have free will and open spaces. His current family says Bear is a happy 4 year old, 70 lb guy!  He's good natured, loves other dogs and people and wants to be everyone's best friend. He enjoys cuddling, is excited to see his people, great in the car and potty trained. Bear is medium energy and loves his adventure and outings too. he may need to be conditioned to go on longer hikes after his younger years in confinement. He enjoys having visitors and becomes Mr social. Local photographer, Kendra Luck, of who photographed many of these wonderful photos said Bear is a sweetheart and total goofball. Bear is waiting to be the center of someones world.


Mojito: Siberian Husky, 60 Lbs, 2 years old: ADOPTED!

From Mojito's foster family...


Mojito has the sweetest most innocent face. If you watched the movie Togo, Mojito has Togo’s enthusiastic spirit, agility and desire to be with his humans. He’s smart and curious. He knows how to sit, and will take treats gently from your hand. He’s a devoted, loving and lovable boy and will bond easily given warm attention. He’s athletic and fit, and lives for his walks and hikes.  He'd make a great running companion. He bounces like a pogo stick (new name, Pogo?) when it’s walk time which is pretty cute. He’s good on a leash with a normal level of pulling but doesn’t drag you down the street.  Mojito has medium energy, is active and alert, likes to play, run and romp but also relaxes for post-walk naps. While we managed the interactions between our dogs for the first couple days it's not needed anymore.  Mojito and my two dogs get along and play great together. Mojito also really loves my teenage children. He is house trained and good in the car. Mojito is an all around good guy looking for that special person or people to bond with. Mo is looking for an active family.

Tilly: Shepard - Husky - Shar Pei - 1 years -45 Lbs- ADOPTED!

Once in a blue moon a dog this special comes my way. Tilly is my foster dog and every part of my being wants to keep her because I love her so much. I'm the coordinator here at WHS and I've fostered many, many dogs over the years. This one will be the hardest to part with. I want the best for her. A little about Tilly...

Tilly is all heart, charming and ever so slightly shy. She's a lover with a gentle old soul in a young dogs body. Whomever ends up with Tilda will be a very lucky person. She loves men and women equally. She's truly (wo)mans best friend, a loyal dog to the end so it's sad that she has not found her person yet. I can tell she's definitely craving that and bonding hard. Then there's the fact that she's gorgeous with those sky blue eyes, framed by dark black rings that are always expressive. She's fun to hold and pet because she's squishy all over under all that fur with a grandmotherly chin like a Shar Pei yet looks like a Shepski. The details: medium energy, good in the car, potty trained, easy going, good with dogs of all sizes, good on leash and good with kids. She's not really a dog park dog but loves hiking and adventures. She's energetic outside and relaxed inside although she can get in trouble like any adolescent dog. A good long walk or run will knock her right out though for a few hours and solve that issue. She likes to cuddle while watching tv and has an independent streak. She's still young so bully sticks, squeaky toys, puzzle toys and other things to keep her occupied will be useful. BTW, she's quiet like most Huskies but you can make her howl like the video's show. A siren made her howl in the outside video. For more information send in an application. If we think you are a good fit we will reach out.

From Moki's foster mom...


Moki is a fun-loving, energetic, playful companion! He has striking bi-colored eyes, one blue and one brown. He has a short, beautiful red coat, a big smile that people always comment on, and adorable button ears that either flop down or perk up. He’s also the perfect medium size. He loves to play with other dogs and is great with both big and small pups. He loves people, both men and women equally, and will eagerly go up to humans and dogs whenever he gets a chance. (I haven’t tested him with kids or cats). Moki is quiet inside the house and medium energy, laying at my feet while I work. He likes his chew toys, bully sticks and puzzle toys and loves to play with is tug rope and plush toys. He's really just a puppy at heart with a winning personality. Moki is affectionate, loves to be pet and will roll over for belly rubs and loves to cuddle on the bed with me. He’s mostly house trained. When it’s time to go out, he gets really excited and runs to the door. Although on the smaller size, he's strong and could use some loose leash training, but he’s an incredible running companion - the Husky in him comes out and he has great stamina running my usual 4 miles no problem!  Moki would be a wonderful addition for an active, outdoor adventure type family and then at the end of the day cozy up with you to enjoy the cuddly home life. He’s ready to bond with loving people and be a loyal, sweet, and entertaining fur buddy.

Moki: Boxer -Husky-Shepard- 5 years old - 50 Lbs: ADOPTED!

Shep 1.5 year old German Shepard Dog. 50 Lbs-Adopted!

Shep is a gorgeous 1.5 year old, 50 lb,  GSD. He's sweet, affectionate, potty trained, great in the car adventurer. He's medium energy, can cuddle with you for a good game or sitcom on tv and be ready at any time to go hiking, swimming and running and then come home and be a couch potato again. He's good on leash and great with dogs. His foster mom says this about Shep...

Love - Intelligent - True - Wonderful spirit - Quick to learn - Bonds quickly - Hiking Adventurer - Great Car Co-Pilot - Loves the convertible roadster! - Very playful - Always looking for fun - Loves Hot dogs, cheese, tuna fish - Expert Play Bower and stretcher - Potty trained -lots of love to give!!

Rodi -Chi/Italian Greyhound - 1.5 years - 8 Lbs, ADOPTED!

Let us introduce you to this very special little guy- Rodi Blue. Rodi is 1.5 years old and 8 pounds of pure love and affection. Rodi has beautiful, piercing blue eyes and a merle coat. We think he's part Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua. He has the most adorable naked, hairless belly that feels like a babies bottom. According to Rodi's foster mom he's sweet, smart and fun, he will charm you with his "puppy", cuddly, lap dog ways. Since he's still an adolescent he has energy to burn. His favorite games are a good game of fetch and playing with his dog pals, big and small. He's a champion sleeper and napper. He likes to sleep in late and nuzzle his way under the covers to cuddle with you. He's quite kitten like in many of his habits. He's good in his crate in the car, good with people, almost fully house trained and has medium energy overall. We'd love to find him a home with a yard. That would make him happy to run and romp in but it's not a deal breaker if you don't have one. We are also looking for someone who has time to work with him since he's still young and learning. If training is a passion of yours, even better. Rodi is alert, smart and clever so things that will activate his nimble mind like puzzle toys, snuffle mats, find it games and other mind/scent challenging activities will go a long way with him. If you are looking for a spirited, spunky, fun loving, cuddly, cool looking dog then Rodi is your guy!

Koja: Wooly Husky - 65 lbs - 2 years old- ADOPTED!

From Koja's foster family...

Koja is a gorgeous Wooly Husky. He's a pure joy to be around. An all around great guy with medium energy and almost fully house trained. Koja aims to please which is a little unusual for a Husky, He loves people, kids, dogs big and small and belly rubs and is quick to roll on his back for them. He's willing to be brushed and groomed which is helpful since he's a wooly. He is well mannered and very affectionate, does well on the leash and regularly looks back to make sure we are still there.  We have a 5 year old male husky rescue who Koja Loves and get along extremely well with. They enjoy playing with each other and simply hanging out. We walk them together which they also enjoy doing.  Koja not only makes an fluffy pillow to lay on while watching TV but he makes a great running partner too.  Koja seems pretty happy always smiling and and wagging his tail.  He enjoys riding in the car and may surprise you by joining you up front because "shotgun" is his style. He is easy going and comfortable sleeping on the floor or sofa. Koja requires an active family since he's still young, he'd love to live with another friendly young dog but it's not necessary. What is necessary is that you make this dog an integral part of the family, that you love him as much as he will love you back.

Nelly: GWP/ Pudelpointer -4 years -35 lbs_ Adopted!

From Nelly's foster mom...
Nelly who is 4 years old and 35 lbs is an extremely sweet and loyal pup. She was a little shy, mild mannered and nervous initially, but has grown more confident, expressive, and playful everyday. Due to Nelly's initial timidness she expressed some appeasement behaviors like, crawling & rolling over and just being unsure. With patience and gentleness this will turn around. The true Nelly is fun loving, affectionate and sweet, placing her head in my lap, soliciting pets and wanting to cuddle in bed. She's yearning for a person to shower her with love and affection. She would love nothing more than a gentle, compassionate person or people who live in a low to medium key environment to be her family. Nelly is medium energy herself and mostly mellow indoors. Outdoors she's sporty and fun, loves a good game of ball and played a bit with my neighbors small dog without problem. Nelly is house trained. she's not destructive, she's quiet in the house while playing with her toys, balls, and chewing on her bones and chew items. Nelly lets me work while laying at my feet. She is all this and more ... she's great in the car, walks well on leash, good at meeting other dogs though initially shy and is a good running partner. she is also initially shy in meeting new people, but once she feels comfortable, she will approach to be pet.  Nelly is an awesome dog and would make a wonderful addition to a family that has an active, loving lifestyle and has patience to let Nelly blossom in her own time. PLEASE _DO NOT_ MESSAGE OR EMAIL US, thank you. Instead fill out an application and if we think you are a great fit we will get back to you.

Goose Husky Mix 50 lbs - 3 years old. ADOPTED!

Goose is a 3 year old well mannered, handsome Husky mix with a beautiful parti eye and full mask.

From Gooses foster mom...

I absolutely love Goose! He is the most friendly, loving, playful pup! He's energetic outside while relaxed inside. He's a medium energy dog overall. He’s well mannered inside, potty trained, doesn’t actively dig into trash or jump on things he shouldn’t be on, he only gets onto the couch or bed when invited. He loves to cuddle and loves scratches! He’ll run right into you and stick his nose between your legs or the couch cushions until you pet him. His leash manners could use some brushing up but he'd make a great running buddy and activity partner. He's been good with kids on our walks. He's always ready to go outside on an adventure. Great in the car and is an infectious happy guy with a big ol' smile and tons of love to give!!

Koda: Shepski, 25 Lbs, 4.5 months old - Adopted!

Koda is a gorgeous Shepski with a pretty red, tan and apricot coat who had a Shepski mom and GSD dad. What is most striking about Koda are his unique, light eyes. Koda just lost his first molar tooth a week ago so we know he's still a teething youngster yet he's fairly big for his age. Koda is playful, loving and affectionate, he's crate trained, fully housebroken and has medium energy overall. He has recently mastered some new things like how to walk on leash, take the stairs and navigate living indoors with humans. He's great in the car with other dogs and children. He's been getting some social enrichment with other puppies and he's great with both big and small and older and younger puppies and dogs. He's a typical puppy in every sense and a great one at that. He'd love to go to a home with a young friendly dog or have lots of playdates with other pups his age.

Ava - Red Siberian Husky, 1 years old, 50 Lbs- ADOPTED!

1 year old, 50Lb Ava is a beautiful red head girl who's extremely sweet, a little bit shy initially, gentle natured with a bit of spunk. She's medium energy and like any good young Husky get's short spurts of the zoomies in the morning and evening. She's a bit clumsy and throws herself around the couch for fun. We think given time she'll be a very fun loving, outgoing dog. She'd be the perfect fit for someone with an active lifestyle, hiking, running and biking. She likes other friendly dogs and so far seems very unconcerned with children. Ava is house trained, good on leash, good in the car and a generally great dog. Anyone would be lucky to call her theirs.

Lady, Redford, Teddy & Duchess - ADOPTED!

Charlie: Husky - 1 year old, 58 Lbs: Adopted!

Charlie is a beautiful bi-eyed boy that loves to party. He's very social and outgoing, and loves to meet new people. Like many young dogs, Charlie gets excited meeting new people and dogs. With the help of tasty treats, Charlie is working on his young dog manners and learning how to greet people with a little less exuberance. After all Huskies are known as a friendly breed. Charlie is very treat-motivated, and wanting to learn. Charlie would make a great running and hiking partner. The active life would suit this guy well. He can settle well too once he's relaxed in his forever home. Charlie is social, outgoing and confident with other dogs. As soon as he meets a dog, he is ready to play. He does best with other dogs who enjoy playing as much as he does, but may be too much for more mellow or low-key dogs. As he ages and with more socialization, he will learn to play with the appropriate dogs. Charlie is looking for his person, his forever home. He's been bouncing around a lot and we would love to give him stability and his forever. If you are ready for a young active guy who can chill out too then Charlie is your guy.

Skye -Husky, 50 Lbs, 1.5 years- ADOPTED!

Skye is a petite, Fully masked, beautiful, soft, affectionate Siberian Husky.  She's gentle with toddlers and adults alike. She enjoys dog parks, dogs and will do zoomies for days at the dog park. She would love to go to Husky meetups because she enjoys playing with other Huskies. She'll play with anyone but Huskies get her. Her Foster mom says...

Skye is great with children, she lays on the floor while my 1 year old 'chats' with her and tickles her ears. She loves to chase a ball or toy up and down our hallway and will sometimes do it in the park maybe 3 or 4 times until she gets distracted - typical non obsessive Husky personality. She is a giant love bug, she likes to snuggle up under your armpit and will lay while you rub her belly, scratch her bum or her ears. She sometimes jumps on the bed and will nuzzle up under the pillow. She is low key inside and high energy outside, wants to sniff everything, wants to say hello to every dog she passes. She enjoys our yard and will hang out in it for long periods of time to ponder life. She is fantastic in the car, we give her some bully sticks to keep her busy. She just lays down in the back. She was terrified of the river at first but by the third day on our camping trip she swam across like a champ (on leash of course) She's almost fully housebroken. We would keep her if we could, that's how much we love this sweet natured girl but unfortunately we are maxed out with a child and another dog.  Breed experience.

Lucas, 2.5 years old, 70-lbs: ADOPTED!