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Jessica Lu

Lu is a women’s footwear designer.  After her fifteen-year career as a fashion footwear designer, she realized there is more she can do to make a positive impact in the world.  She loves animals and is especially compassionate towards abandoned animals.  She believes earth is not a commodity that belongs to humans; it’s a community to which we belong. Lu practices sustainable, healthy living, and being eco-conscious is very important to her.


April Hsiung

April Hsiung loves to snowboard, surf, and pole. She loves to introduce her passions to other people. She believes that the challenge of pole dancing sparks something amazing inside of our body and mind...and to learn the next move in pole, gives her this incredible drive in life.  April can't wait till the whole world knows the benefits of pole art as fitness classes, and experience the endless possibility of its artistic expression.



AP Patel

AP is a tree hugger whose personal mission is to rescue all animals.


Ken Li

Ken is a network engineer/internet plumber going on 15 years in all manners of industries and environments.












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