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Baby Groot - Adopted!!

Shepsky (Shephard + Husky), born on 31st July, 2021

Hello future family!

I am Groot. I was the last born of my litter and a surviver. I am a proud fighter and with the help of my foster parent's love and extra attention I made it! Now I am a very strong and confident puppy. I lead the group to investigate new scary objects like umbrellas and loud noises. I was also the first to explore the new front yard and show my siblings it was safe. I have been blessed with lots of love from my foster parents from the day I was born and got a chance to socialize with kids, adults & our foster parent’s 1 year old dog. My foster parents have house trained me, taught me sit command and always praised me for any achievements. I will come with virtual training classes to set me up for success.

You can follow me and my siblings on Instagram handle: mishkaraps


What I need in a home:

  • Experienced owner or very motivated to learn first time puppy owner

  • Loving family with lots of positive reinforcement

  • Active family

Click here to apply for my adoption

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