OSLO Husky - 1.5 years

Oslo is a crowd favorite. We love him around here. According to Josie, pictured above - he's a cool dude. At 1.5 years old, he's a 50Lb hunk of puppy love. He's sweet as pie, fun loving, very energetic but can relax when you need him to be. He's happy go lucky, affectionate, good with kids, car rides and dogs. What more could you want?! Anyone would be lucky to have this guy to call their own. If you are a family inquiring, we will be placing him in a home with children over the age of 8 years old.

FREYA -6 year old German Shepard Dog

Freya is a 6 year old, very good girl. She's potty trained, a good watch dog, sweet, loves a good game of fetch, walks well on leash but is excited to see the other leashed dogs at this time. She's not so much into the whole social distancing thing, but hey, who is?! She can be full of energy and calm when you need her to be, she likes a good bully stick and puzzle toy to stimulate her clever and active mind. She could use some consistent love, a healthy diet to add a few pounds and bring back her gorgeous coat to its full luster. Freya would make a great companion for anyone looking for a well trained dog who still has lots of spunk in her. Please apply here for beautiful Freya, https://www.welcomehomesanctuary.org/adoption-application

Muñeca GSD Mix - 2.5 years

Video of Muñeca with 10 year old Josie

Muñeca means doll in Spanish and that's exactly what Muñeca is - she's a doll. She's sweet, gentle, loving, affectionate, well trained and a good listener. She's great on leash and in the car. She's potty trained and will stand or lay by the door when she needs to go out. Muñeca can be a little cautious of strangers and could benefit from a household with another dog who's more confident in teaching her that strangers aren't so bad. We'd like to find her a home where the energy level isn't too high and with a person who will patiently, compassionately and gently love her. Muñeca can be a little bit of an escape artists so a home with a secure fence is a must. She'd do best in a home without cats, small animals or children. She's good with children but a household full of friends might be too much for her. If interested in sweet, Muñeca please apply here, https://www.welcomehomesanctuary.org/adoption-application Video of Muñeca with another dog https://youtu.be/3fztOsEr00k

Mila & Nikita Shepard/Husky - 45-55 lbs

Mila and Nikita are 2 female beauties who came to us from the Martinez shelter where we were able to save their lives on the day they were to euthanized. Their foster can't believe these two sweethearts were even at a shelter because they are so deserving of a home. We'd love to adopt these two very sweet girls together as they have a tight knit bond and were found as strays together, but we will adopt them out separately too if we must. Both are friendly and affectionate, love a good car ride and going on adventures. They are good with other dogs and both enjoy playing. Mila is more mellow while loving where Nikita is loving and full of energy. Huskies and Shepski's make great running partners for active families. Mila is 4 and Nikita is 2.  Experienced adopters only without cats or kids as we don't know how they are with either. If interested in making these girls part of your family, please fill out the adoption application.

Tiger - 6 years old.

Tiger has been waiting patiently for 6 years for someone to love him the way he deserves to be. He's spent his entire life in a backyard without human companionship. Tigers now in a foster home loving every minute of it. Tiger's so willing and ready to be a party of a family, he's adapting like a pro. This sweetie pie of a guy loves all humans big and small, even toddlers! If you are looking for a mature, pure bred GSD to bring into your household, this is your guy. He's a healthy and happy and waiting to go on adventures with you.

Lucy - 1 year - Adopted!

Lucy is a beautiful 1 year old, 55 Lb Shepski with amber eyes and a gorgeous coat. She loves people, dogs, car rides, hiking and adventure. She'd love a home with an active family who will keep up with her age and energy because she's like a big puppy.

Lucy's foster mom says Lucy has some things she'd like to say..

Okay so look, this isn't my 1st time around the block. You can call me Lucy from the block or LuLu. I'll respond to either. I was previously owned or ignored as I like to call it, so now I'm looking for someone who will shower me with love and attention. But not actually shower me because I'm not a Golden Retweever or Lab so I don't naturally take to water. Anyways I'm getting off twack. I'm just gonna list the things I like and you can tell me if you like them too because if you do we may be a perfect match! I like dowgs, do you like dowgs? I'm guessing you do or you wouldn't be here, LOL. I like to pway with dowgs. I like car rides, hiking, the beach is so fun and I like jogging with my foster mom. She's told me I'm an excellent running partner. She's also told me I need a little twaining on leash when walking. I don't know what she means, I just get so excited when I see a dowg because I want to go pway with the dowg. I don't think she gets it because she never lets me go pway.  I enjoy our walks tho and get even more excited when we get home so I can then chew on my meaty bone. After that I like to snooze for a couple hours. All that physical and mental activity is exwhausting.  My foster mom says I settle well for a young dog as long as I've had some activity and things to chew on. I confess, I had an accident when I first got to my foster moms place. I was confused and didn't understand the rules or if I was ever going to be in the outside world again and so I pee pee'd. Just a little tho. My mom started  taking me out consistently and giving me treats whenever I peed outside which was awesome and I started to get it, so after that one time I didn't piddle inside again - pinky swear. I wuv my foster mom but I'm looking for something more permanent. Someone who will commit to me for the 1st time in my young life. I'm also looking for an active home. I'd love a running buddy, a dog pal or not and someone who might take me on great adventures. Pwease think about whether you are ready because I know I am. Last thing I'll put out there is, I'm cool with it if you snore.

So all in all Lucy is a great girl, happy, loving and affectionate, good with dogs, people, and children though a bit rambunctious for them but means well. She loves car rides, adventures and is almost fully housebroken. She'll need some training just because she's still young but she's turning into a fine young dog. We will be adopting to a home without cats and children over the age of 10.

If you think Lucy is a good fit for your lifestyle, please fill out a adoption application

AJA AND DRACO! Shepard/Husky- 50-60 Lbs -Adopted!

Aja and Draco are a bonded pair. A mother and son team that we'd like to keep together. Sometimes 2 are easier than one because they can keep each other company. They are built in companions for one another while you are away that already get along together. This duo are best friends. Their owner was deported and had to surrender his dogs. Asia and Draco are loving, gentle, sweet dogs. Asia the mom is a 3 year old striking beauty who's bi-eyed with a shiny black and white coat and permanent grin. Her son, Draco is 1 years old and looks almost entirely like a beautiful Husky. They enjoy playing with one another and sleeping together. They walk well on leash and don't display any leash reactivity towards other dogs. They both get on well with other dogs but Draco is a little afraid of dog parks because he's not been around that many dogs at once. He'll come around with enough socialization. Asia is fully housebroken and will signal that she has to potty by going to the door. Draco will learn potty manners from his mom very quickly. Both dogs are good with toddlers but could knock a child over while they are playing so we recommend a home with children over the age of 7. We would prefer not to split these two up. They had been separated, Draco cried for a week while they were apart. If you have it in your heart to open your home to 2 dogs they will be so forever grateful and we will be too. If interested in making these tow a part of your family, please fill out the adoption application.

TRIPP - 4 YEARS OLD: Adopted!

Tripp is a beautiful full bred, 4 year old, 85lb German Shepard. He's been well cared for, has a shiny coat and is in excellent health. He is great with dogs and people. He walks well on leash and does not display leash reactivity. He's young and playful and aching for human companionship. His last foster said he was a wonderful dog. Tripp is not used to confined spaces so crates and single rooms are not for him. He'd love a home with a yard and the ability to get in and out as the outdoors is his favorite place to be. A condo or walk up would not be ideal. Although he is good with kids and senior dogs he'd be a little too much for them. We'd love to find him an active family. Tripp will need gentle loving, guidance to reach his full potential. He's 90% there. He is still learning how to do some things that most dogs take for granted like get into cars and navigate stairs. He's come a long way on the stairs but will still need some training with the car. Tripp will athe a loyal and loving companion to his forever family.

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